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Release of Procurement InformationFIN-PUR-11.0


All Indiana University units and employees.

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Policy Statement

In regards to procurement transactions, Indiana University shall comply with the provisions of the Indiana Access to Open Records Act and any other applicable state or federal law or regulation governing the release of information.

Release of information may be subject to review of counsel prior to release.

Information related to procurement activities may only be released by purchasing department personnel. University procurement data may only be released by permission of the Assistant Vice President, University Procurement Services.

Information regarding pricing and competitive offers will be released by the purchasing department only after an order has been placed and accepted by the selected vendor.

Proprietary information covered by a signed non-disclosure certificate will not be released.

Institutional procurement data shall not be used in a manner that conflicts with the Reciprocity, FIN-PUR-3.2 policy

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Reason for Policy

To provide open public access to appropriate institutional data.

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Solicitation Process Procedures

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The source to this policy is:

State Statute IC 5-14-3.3, Indiana State Legislature, University Procurement Services

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