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Off-Campus Work-Study PayrollFIN-PAY-IV-60


This policy applies to all students receiving work study wages. Policy also applies to all Departmental and Campus Payroll Processors and Fiscal Officers.

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Policy Statement

Off-campus work-study agencies shall adhere to procedures established by Financial Management Services in matters pertaining to the reporting of time worked and in maintaining deposits with Indiana University sufficient to cover the agency’s share of work-study wages.

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Reason for Policy

To establish guidelines for the administration of off-campus work-study payroll and the maintenance of fund accounts to cover the agency share of wages.

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In particular, the following restrictions apply:

Time sheets: All agencies will use the University timekeeping system, unless an exception has been made by the Workstudy Coordinator. All timesheets must be approved by the agency payroll supervisor by Tuesday at 5pm of the week following the end of the pay period. Agencies who do not approve their timesheets, will be at risk of losing their work study contract. 

Late Time Sheets: For those agencies that have been given an exception to use paper timesheets, timesheets must be signed by the agency payroll supervisor and turned in by 5pm on Tuesday following the end of the pay period. Late time sheets submitted for time worked will be honored for inclusion in the next payroll. If the timesheet is received after the work study period is closed (i.e. academic year), the agency will be billed for 100% of those wages. Time submitted for which the employee does not have a work study award will be returned to the agency for payment by the agency. In this case, the agency is the employer rather than the University.

Agency Deposits: The agency’s share of work-study wages will be on deposit with Indiana University prior to the hire being processed by the University. When an employee exceeds their award balance, the University will pay the employee for wages earned. The agency will then be billed for the total amount of the payment.   

Account Balances which have been inactive for one year or longer will be refunded to the agency. Refunds will be made at other times on inactive accounts upon request by the agency.

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Work-Study Recipient: A student who meets the federal college work-study program requirements and is awarded an allotment of college work-study by the Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) to subsidize school expenses.

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy Stephen Miller 812.855.3274
Policy Sandy McElhinney 812.855.0879
Policy, Procedure Linda Morrow 812.855.6800

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Previous policy stated that the employee’s wages will be held by FMS, which is no longer true. Previous policy also addressed acceptance of Claim Vouchers which is no longer applicable.

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