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Delegation of Approval Authority for HRMS Fiscal TransactionsFIN-PAY-IV-260


This policy applies to Fiscal Officers and HRMS Fiscal Approvers.

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Policy Statement

The Fiscal Officer is the only person with the authority to delegate approval authority for HRMS fiscal transactions.

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Reason for Policy

This policy establishes authority to delegate signature authority on HRMS fiscal transactions. It also serves to define the name of the delegate and his/her role.

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The approval role is formally called the Fiscal Approver in the HRMS system. The same individual cannot be both the Fiscal Approver and the Payroll Processor, who enters and submits the payroll data on the payroll voucher.

Delegation authority for the Fiscal Approver role resides with the Fiscal Officer. Current e-doc functionality does not include a routable document to delegate authority on financial e-docs related to human resources and payroll. Therefore, when changes to the fiscal approver occur for HRMS, one of two available options is required:

  • The person initiating the KFS organization document to change the Fiscal Approver must include the Fiscal Officer of the accounts associated with the HRMS organizations in the approval process. This is accomplished by “ad hoc” routing the document to the appropriate Fiscal Officer.
  • The Fiscal Officer of the accounts associated with the HRMS organizations must send an email to the person initiating the KFS organization document approving the change.

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Fiscal Approver: The person authorized to approve all HRMS financial transactions.

HRMS Fiscal Transactions: HRMS E-Doc that references any financial account number. (i.e. Maintain Funding E-Doc, etc.) 

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy Stephen Miller 812.855.3274
Policy Sandy McElhinney 812.855.0879

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This policy was established on November 1, 2009

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