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Release of Payroll InformationFIN-PAY-IV-130


Policy applies to all people who currently are or previously have been paid through the University payroll system.

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Policy Statement

The following rules will govern the release of information, by type, to the public and to University offices.

1. Telephone inquiries: the following information may be released by telephone:

  1. Whether a person is an employee of the University
  2. The department in which the employee works
  3. The period of employment

2. Written inquiries and walk-in traffic: the following information may be released in response to written request or walk-in traffic:

  1. The period of employment
  2. Wages earned by the employee during the period of employment
  3. The type of employment, whether part-time or appointed
  4. The department in which the employee works
  5. Current title, business address, and business telephone number of the employee

Note: Other information regarding taxes, contributions to retirement plans, payroll deductions and home addresses can only be released if the written request has been authorized by the employee in writing, by court order, or if the inquiry is being made by a legitimate agency such as TIAA, PERF, or a federal or state agency.

3. Requests for access to computer information: All requests for access to information stored on the Human Resource Management System (HRMS) must be reviewed and approved by the University Director of Human Resources, the Director of Payroll in Financial Management Services, and the Bloomington Dean of Faculties office. Access to the HRMS on-line screens will be limited to HRMS users. Departments should initiate a User Access Request when an employee has terminated or transferred so that his/her password can be deleted. 

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Reason for Policy

To establish guidelines for access to information contained in the payroll files.

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The source to this policy is:

Financial Management Services, Indiana State Law 5-14-3-3 and I.C. 5-14-3-4

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