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Time Reporting for Non-Exempt Employees FIN-PAY-IV-1


Policy applies to all non-exempt staff, those who supervise non-exempt staff, fiscal officers and payroll processors.

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Policy Statement

All temporary, student hourly, appointed biweekly staff and professional overtime eligible staff shall record hours worked daily at the end of the work day. They can enter their hours by use of the TIME electronic timekeeping system or by use of a previously approved electronic timekeeping system. Biweekly paid and professional overtime eligible appointed staff shall also record the use of benefit hours used and all absent hours, whether with or without the accrual of benefit hours.

All employees are responsible for accurately recording their time worked and will not allow anyone else to record their time. It is also impermissible to record time for anyone else. It may be necessary for TIME approvers and/or payroll processors to adjust time and attendance to correct any errors or omissions in order to provide timely and accurate payments. It is impermissible for any TIME approvers or payroll processor to intentionally or knowingly approve false records. Once timesheets are approved, a chain of custody must be maintained until timesheets are recorded in the university payroll system. The department’s fiscal officer has responsibility to establish proper procedures and ensure adequate controls.

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Reason for Policy

Objective of policy is to account for the recording of hours worked, benefit hours, absent hours and minimum wage requirements.

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Employees using an electronic timekeeping system who are scheduled to begin work at the hour or half-hour shall record their time as close as possible to the begin and end time of the employees' workday but no greater than three minutes before the start of the workday and no more than three minutes after the end of the work day, unless the employee has the supervisor’s prior permission to work extra time. Employees scheduled to work at times other than the hour or half-hour should talk to their supervisor to determine the proper window for clocking in and out.

Time sheets must be signed by the employee and approved and signed by a supervisor having direct knowledge of the work of employee(s). Time recorded on an electronic timesheet in the TIME system or a previously approved timekeeping system and approved by a supervisor will satisfy the requirement for a signature under this policy.  

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TIME Approver: Person who has direct knowledge of and approves staff member’s recorded hours in TIME electronic timekeeping system.

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Additional Contacts

Subject Contact Phone Email
Policy, TIME system usage Mary Byrde 812.855.3274
Policy Sandy McElhinney 812.855.0879
TIME system usage Lora Headdy 812.855.7460 

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Previous policy included information for those employees recording their time on attendance records. Attendance records no longer exist so the policy was revised to address that change.

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