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Fire SafetyFIN-INS-16


All Indiana University property.

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Policy Statement

The Office of Insurance, Loss Control & Claims (INLOCC) coordinates fire safety for Indiana University. Procedures linked below are intended to reduce risk from open burning, heat sources, and flammable materials.

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Reason for Policy

The safety of persons in the University community – employees, students and visitors – is a paramount concern of the University. Fire safety is an integral part of our overall safety program.

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A number of standards and procedures are a part of this policy. Each addresses an aspect of fire safety:

Christmas Trees (formerly FIN-INS-16)
Open Burning (formerly FIN-INS-17)
Space Heaters (formerly FIN-INS-18)
Fireworks and Pyrotechnics (formerly FIN-INS-20)
Hot Work and Welding
Extension Cords
Fire System Impairments

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Indiana University Property – Buildings, grounds, and land that are owned by Indiana University or controlled by Indiana University via leases or other formal contractual arrangements to house ongoing IU operations.

Additional definitions are found in the individual standards and procedures.

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Sanctions are described in the individual standards and procedures.

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This policy was establised May 2016 and is a compilation of several individual policies as noted in the Procedures section.

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