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Exercise of Extended Jurisdiction by Officers of the Indiana University Police DepartmentPS-PD-01


This policy applies to the Indiana University department of public safety, including Indiana University Police Department units on all campuses.

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Policy Statement

The Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) encompasses all police units on all university campuses.  All IUPD officers are authorized and expected to perform their assigned duties to protect the safety of the university community and the security of university assets, in accordance with all applicable state laws and university policies, under the direction of their superior officers.

  1. Authorization for extended jurisdiction.  Under the authority granted to university governing boards by Title 21, Article 39, Chapter 4 of the Indiana Code, IC 21-39-4-1 et seq., the Indiana University Board of Trustees authorizes Indiana University police officers who have been certified by the State of Indiana as required by Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2) to exercise their police powers throughout the State of Indiana, subject to the terms and restrictions outlined in this policy.
  2. Purposes for exercising extended jurisdiction. IUPD police officers may exercise jurisdiction beyond the primary jurisdiction as established by Indiana Code for the following purposes: 
    1. To eliminate or minimize a threat to the safety and security of the university community or university assets,
    2. To eliminate or minimize a threat to the safety and security of the general public, 
    3. To pursue an investigation or apprehend suspects whose alleged crimes were committed within the primary jurisdiction as defined by the cited Indiana Code,
    4. To provide security or ceremonial escort to IU organizations or officials while traveling,
    5. To respond to a request by another law enforcement agency to assist in a specific law enforcement activity.
  3. Conditions for exercising extended jurisdiction.
    1. Except in situations where immediate action is required, the relevant campus chief of police and the Superintendent of Public Safety (or their designees) must approve the exercise of police powers beyond the primary jurisdiction.  In such situations, the chief and superintendent shall be notified of the exercise of extended jurisdiction as soon as practical.
    2. In all cases where police powers will be exercised outside of the primary jurisdiction, IUPD will make reasonable efforts to contact the relevant local public safety officials in advance.  If advance notice is impractical, the local officials shall be notified as soon as practical after the event.
    3. A campus chief is authorized to enter into jurisdictional agreements with the cities or counties in which IU property is located in order to relieve IUPD of some or all of the notification requirements in b) above, in such cities or counties. Such agreements must be approved by the Superintendent of Public Safety. 
    4. All exercise of police powers beyond a city or county in which IU owns or operates facilities must be consistent with the terms of applicable Indiana statutes.
    5. The Superintendent of Public Safety is authorized and shall be responsible for ensuring that all external reporting obligations in Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2)(B) and this policy are satisfied.
  4. Identification of IUPD Officers.  To ensure that officers from the IUPD are easily recognizable as such outside of the primary jurisdiction and as indicated by Indiana Code 21-39-4-2(2)(3 and 4), the Indiana University Superintendent of Public Safety will ensure that all members of the Indiana University Police Department adhere to a common uniform standard and that all police vehicles display a common standard marking scheme. 
  5. Awareness.  Campus police chiefs will ensure that all officers under their command are aware of the requirements of Indiana Code 21-39-4-1 et seq. and this policy.
  6. Internal Reporting.  In addition to the requirements of Indiana Code 21-39-4-6, IUPD police officers shall provide an incident report to the Superintendent of Public Safety following every exercise of police powers beyond the primary jurisdiction.

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Reason for Policy

Criminal actions occasionally originate from, migrate to, or in some other way affect the safety of Indiana University campuses, and occasionally time sensitive investigations by Indiana University police officers require that they pursue investigations beyond the primary jurisdiction assigned by Indiana Code.

Local and other state law enforcement agencies often call on Indiana University police for assistance in their law enforcement activities, and Indiana University police rely on local or other Indiana law enforcement agencies for similar assistance.

In addition, Indiana University police officers may be asked from time to time to provide escort to groups or individuals associated with Indiana University traveling within the State of Indiana.

Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(1) establishes the primary jurisdiction for police officers employed by Indiana universities and colleges as the physical property of their campuses including the streets passing through and adjacent to campus property.   IC 21-39-4-6(a)(2)(A) authorizes college and university governing boards to expand that jurisdiction to the entire State of Indiana.  Such an extension requires that the university or college employ uniformed police officers who are certified by the State of Indiana as having the same qualifications as municipal or state law enforcement officers.  Also, an extension has specific periodic reporting requirements.

This policy extends IUPD jurisdiction, specifies the circumstances under which expanded powers can be exercised, and recognizes and satisfies the Indiana Code requirements associated with such an action on the part of the Indiana University Board of Trustees.

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Primary jurisdiction
The area within which Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(1) allows Indiana University police officers to exercise police powers, which is defined as the physical property of Indiana University campuses and also on the streets passing through and adjacent to Indiana University property.
Extended jurisdiction
Any areas within the State of Indiana beyond the primary jurisdiction in which the Indiana University Board of Trustees has authorized university police to exercise police powers. Such an action is permitted to the governing board under Indiana Code 21-39-4-6(a)(2)(A).

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Violations of university policies, including the failure to avoid a prohibited activity, will be dealt with in accordance with applicable university policies and procedures, which may include disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the university.

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Jurisdiction agreements with cities and counties were previously in place; however, changes in the applicable Indiana statute in 2011 necessitated creation of this policy.

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