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Regional Campus Boards of AdvisorsUA-12


Boards of Advisors established at the regional campuses of Indiana University.

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Policy Statement

Chancellors on the regional campuses of Indiana University are expected to establish and maintain a campus Board of Advisors. The chancellor should appoint members as representatives of the surrounding region. Appointments will be approved by the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs.

The boards should include about 25 members who are appointed to three-year terms. Members may be eligible for a single three-year consecutive term reappointment. A member may later be appointed to serve again if they have been off the board for at least three years. An exemption to the term limitations may be established for members who serve by virtue of their community position, such as local mayors or school superintendents. The terms of members should be staggered and if a member resigns from the board prior to the conclusion of their term, a replacement member may be appointed to conclude that term before starting their own term(s) if so appointed by the chancellor. The chancellor shall appoint a chair of the board.

The boards of advisors serve in an advisory rather than governance capacity. The responsibilities of the boards are:

  • Provide counsel to the campus chancellor and leadership team and be advised by the chancellor on matters of priority relating to the growth and success of the regional campus and the university;
  • Provide input on the campus’s role and activities in the economic development of the region, relating campus priorities to community needs, specifically to business and industry;
  • Advocate for the campus and the university and help strengthen relationships among many constituencies, including, but not limited to, other area educational institutions, key community businesses and organizations, and state and local government;
  • Assist the chancellor in public and private fundraising and endowment building efforts;
  • Provide input on strategic and long-range planning and program priorities, vision and mission statements, and goals and objectives consistent with university and community needs;
  • Other tasks as requested by the chancellor.

The responsibilities of individual members of each board are:

  • Contribute financially to the campus on an annual basis at a level commensurate with individual ability;
  • Attend and participate in a minimum of 75% of all regularly scheduled board meetings, and campus special events when possible;
  • Serve as a member of Board of Advisors committees on appointment by the board chair;
  • Become familiar with the academic programs offered by the campus.

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Reason for Policy

Board of Advisors on regional campuses have been established to be an active conduit for the sharing of information to and from the surrounding communities. The Boards help the campuses to provide programs and services that support academic success for the region’s diverse student populations and actively participate and collaborate with the campus leadership to develop strategies that mutually benefit the community and the campus.

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Nominations to the regional campus Boards of Advisors should be submitted by the chancellors to the Executive Vice President for University Academic Affairs for approval at least 30 days prior to the start of the proposed full or replacement term. The information submitted should include:

  • Name and proposed term of service;
  • Brief biographical information;
  • Reason for appointment;
  • Statement that the chancellor has consulted the Office of Government Relations, Office of the VP for Engagement, IU Foundation, and IU Alumni Association (if the nominee is an IU graduate) concerning the nominee’s suitability for appointment;
  • Any additional information of which the Office of the Executive Vice President should be aware.

Removal of any member of the Board of Advisors should be done in consultation with the Executive Vice President.

The chancellors may manage an appropriate transition of their board to the policy established in 2016, with transitions to terms as structured under the policy to be completed within three years. 

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The IU Board of Trustees established Boards of Advisors for the regional campuses by resolution in 1972. A university level policy aligning the campus processes was established in 2016.

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