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Grade ReportsACA-70

Policy Statement

Midterm Grade Reports

Faculty members are expected to give each undergraduate a written evaluation of performance as early as compatible with the nature of the course, but not later than after two-thirds of the semester or summer session has elapsed. This evidence will normally consist of a letter grade, but it could also be recorded in a different manner (e.g., written critique of a paper, written evaluation of the student’s total performance). In certain types of courses such as senior or honors seminars, the evaluation might be given orally.

(Faculty Council, January 10, 1967)

Final Grade Reports

At the end of the semester, the faculty members are provided written and/or email notice of the availability of their final grade rosters to which class grades must be recorded, approved by the instructor, and submitted to the Registrar:

  1. Faculty members are given instructions as to how to enter and submit their grades. The electronic grade reporting system checks for permissible grades and reports apparent errors back to the instructor for immediate correction. Faculty receive an on-line confirmation when grades are submitted and an email confirmation when their grades are accepted and posted by the Registrar. Grades can be viewed after submission, but cannot be modified on-line. (Administrative Practice)
  2. These grade reports are due in the Office of the Registrar 48 hours after the final examination or last class meeting, whichever is later. If academic considerations justify such a change, each campus may elect to extend the present 48-hour examination rule to no more than 72 hours. It shall be the joint responsibility of the campus Vice President/Chancellor/Provost, faculty governing body, and the campus Registrar to determine the appropriate time interval and to establish this as campus policy. (Faculty Council, December 5, 1967; University Faculty Council, March 26, 1985)
  3. If grade reports are turned in after the deadline, the Registrar cannot be responsible for informing the deans and students of the late grade, and the faculty member is required to so inform them. (Administrative Practice)
  4. If the final grade sheet carries the grade of W or F already printed upon it when it is received by the instructor, in no case is this grade to be changed without discussion with the Registrar. (Faculty Council, May 18, 1965)

Posting of Grades

Generally, student grades should not be posted where they can be viewed by anyone other than the instructor and the individual student receiving the grade.

(Administrative Practice.)

When faculty members need to post the grades of students, the grades should be identified by code unique to the students in the class and not by the names of the students or other recognizable identifiers. Student social security numbers or portions thereof may not be used.

(Faculty Council, May 15, 1956; Administrative Practice in compliance with Federal law, 1997)

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