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Advertising Policy for Academic Instructional PositionsACA-77


This policy applies to the hiring process for all instructional faculty that require recruitment. This does not include the hiring process for adjunct faculty.

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Policy Statement

Academic positions involving classroom teaching, that would otherwise require recruitment, must include a print ad (hard copy) in a national professional journal or other hard copy print media with national circulation. In this context, “teaching” is defined as classroom teaching of regular university course listed in the Schedule of Classes, with the employee listed as an instructor of record.
An advertisement via electronic media only, does not meet University requirements. The print advertisement should include (at the minimum) the job title, the duties of the position, and the minimum requirements for the position. An abbreviated advertisement with a link to a description of duties and minimum requirements does not meet DOL requirements. The advertisement must specify the degree requirements, i.e., is a degree required to apply or will ABD candidates be considered. The advertisement should also include “or related” if consideration for hire would be made to a candidate who holds a degree in a related field.

An appointment for a conversation or meeting with a visa specialist in the Office of International Services (OIS) should be arranged for all non U.S. Citizens or permanent residents who are being considered for an academic appointment. The meeting not only provides the candidate an opportunity to ask individually specific questions about the visa services provided by the university, but also alerts OIS and the hiring unit at an early stage to any potential visa problems, including possible late starting dates on appointments.  If you have candidates who may need immigration sponsorship or have related questions, consider arranging an appointment with the Office of International Services, Indiana University provides extensive immigration services and support for its employees, which can be an incentive for
recruiting highly qualified international faculty.

It is the policy of Indiana University that only individuals who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents be appointed to tenured positions.   Appointments to positions with tenure that are offered to non U.S. citizens or permanent residents, will be temporarily converted to tenure-probationary appointments until permanent residence in the U.S. has been obtained at which time the appointment will be converted to a tenured position as originally offered. 

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Reason for Policy

If a search yielding an international candidate has not included the requisite print advertisement, the hiring department will be required to either re-open the position to conduct a new test of the labor market, or possibly postpone sponsorship of permanent residence until the faculty member can document three years of experience and is able to assemble extensive documentation attesting to his/her eligibility for Outstanding Professor/Researcher classification.   Further information about University processes for sponsorship of permanent residence is available at:

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This policy was drafted in 2014.

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