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September 2013

Title Number Responsible Office Version

International Affiliations for Two-Way Exchange of Faculty or Students

Details requirements governing agreements with overseas institutions of research or higher education for two-way exchange of faculty or students.

INT-01 Office of the Vice President for International Affairs

Offshore and Cross-Border Programs

Details requirements for proposing and establishing programs overseas that represent IU as an institution and establish its presence outside the U.S.

INT-02 Office of the Vice President for International Affairs
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December 2012

Title Number Responsible Office Version

Capitalization of Software

Defines the items that will be classified as capital software.


The Office of the Treasurer/Capital Assets

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May 2013

Title Number Responsible Office Version

Changes Requiring Agency Approval

Establishes the procedure for acquiring sponsoring agency approval for project change requests made by the project director. Changes that may require sponsoring agency approval include budget revisions, special purchases, or time extensions.

III-50 Financial Management Services III-50 (C&G) RETIRED

Negotiating with Agencies and Routing Proposals

Prevents unauthorized commitments of institutional resources by requiring formal proposals and establishing a route of approval for all sponsored program activities.

III-20 Financial Management Services III-20 (C&G) RETIRED
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July 2012

Title Number Responsible Office Version

Supplemental Payments for Services Provided Outside the Normal Scope of Employment

Defines procedures for designating supplemental or award payments to employees for services provided to the university beyond normal job expectations.

FIN-PAY-IV-70 Financial Management Services, Office of the Treasurer FIN-PAY-IV-70-RETIRED
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January 2016

Title Number Responsible Office Version


Details the ethical standards to which all university employees authorized to conduct purchasing activities are held.

FIN-PUR-3.0 University Procurement Services
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